If I were to say something about myself, it would probably be like…

Hi! My Name is Inderpreet Singh and I am an electronics engineer by education.

I specialize in embedded systems design and rapid prototypes and have a proven track record in the industrial automation sector. I also work on software projects for a hobby and am continously upgrading my skills to meet new challenges.

Being an electronics engineer, I also feel the need to extend my thoughts to others and to help other engineers in any way possible. I have always tried to design and develop systems and instruments that students/hobbyist can make and use. The purpose is to prove that to start doing good work, we don’t need to spend a fortune. There are a lot of resources out there and lots of people doing really great work. My field of work is not constrained to one field but rather many fields put together. I have experience in the field of Embedded Controllers, Communications, FPGA based systems, System on Programmable Chip, Programming, CAD tools, VLSI etc. The list is long because I am always interested in learning new things. I put up my work and ideas for others to see and if you see any room for improvement, I am all ears.

That being said, I would love feedback and if you like my content, like and subscribe my youtube channel and/or buy me a coffee.