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Project - A 3D printed Enclosure for Digilent's Arty

Project - A 3D printed Enclosure for Digilent's Arty

An enclosure to protect the ARTY FPGA board while making it useful.


This is a small CAD project where an enclosure was designed and 3D printed to demonstrate competency with the mechanical aspect of product design


An enclosure is a necessary to protect electronic boards from damage. Needless to say a lot of kit makers do not provide the required casing nor the instructions. With 3D printing, some of us can take the DIY route and in my case, I made an enclosure for the Digilent ARTY Board.

Arty board

As a mini project, I took it upon myself to create a small cover for the said board and the stl file can be downloaded from the link below. The cover requires a cardboard piece to be cut and fitted to act as a base. This was made so that the base could be replaced by materials of user’s choice and varied in size.

alt text

Lessons Learned

The tool of choice was Fusion 360 and the design came out fine. I would like the mention that though the design worked the first time around, many-a-times it may go through iterations to fine tune everything.

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